Christoph Both-Asmus (
Artist and Director                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Christoph Both-Asmus (b. 1984, Germany) is the artist and director of THE TREE WALKER film. He is currently living and working in Berlin (Germany) and Shiuzoka (Japan). He has wanted to be a director of nature films and an environmental advocate, then during his studies he focused on Fine Arts. In 2010 he completed his Master of Fine Arts at the Sandberg Institute for Fine Arts in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

The multimedia work of Christoph Both-Asmus is mainly performance, film and video, sculptures as well as site-specific sculpture, installations and drawings.

The core of his works is the life on planet earth. Authenticity of his materials plays an important role. His works are created with natural materials such as paper, plaster and mouth-blown glass. We can also encounter animals, plants, ice, fire and soil.

Christoph Both-Asmus exhibited amongst the greatest art shows around Europe. In recent years the artist exhibited together with fellow documenta artist and director of the London Biennale David Medalla and Venice Biennale artist Pedro Calapez.

After being funded by the Mondriaan Fonds Amsterdam in 2011 and 2012 he has been concentrating on the realization of THE TREE WALKER, a meditation on life and our connection to plants, especially trees. Through THE TREE WALKER, Both-Asmus hopes to raise awareness for the importance to preserve and respect biodiversity.

Africa Team

Dany Cleyet-Marrel (
Technical and Safety Director Inventor and Pilot of Aerostats


Dany Cleyet-Marrel is the safety and technical director of THE TREE WALKER. His passion for travelling made him develop aviation tools for over 30 years, specifically designed for scientific and cinematic missions. His creations have been used in important projects such as the BBC series “Human Planet”. Moreover he is the co-founder of Operation Canopy which in collaboration with Francis Hallé, studies the biodiversity of the canopy.

Throughout his life he has been in contact with natural sciences and thus with the nature from above.

Dany Cleyet-Marrel’s mission for THE TREE WALKER project is to help Christoph Both-Asmus solve the challenge of balancing on the thinnest branches of the canopy. He will be piloting the canopy bubble from which the artist will be walking over the rainforest.


Noui Baiben (
Organiser and Specialist in Rope Access Tree Climbing                                                                                                           

Noui Baiben is a specialist in Rope Access Tree Climbing. He runs a sustainable tourism company, 3ID Gabon, with the aim to promote sustainable arboricultural activities related to the discovery of the canopy. At THE TREE WALKER, Noui Baiben is in charge of organising the technical logistics, administration and the linking with certain influential people, on site in Libreville, Gabon. Based partly in Libreville (Gabon) and in Annonay (France), he is the mediator between THE TREE WALKER project and local authorities in Gabon, which enabled the project to have partners such as ANPN (Agence Nationale des Parcs Nationaux).

If you want to make a nature documentary, discover the rainforest or go high up into the hanging gardens of the frontier between earth and sky, he is your man!



Marc Rébuttini
Co-script writer, Cinematographer and Specialist in Rope Access Tree Climbing

Marc Rébuttini is an adventurous cinematographer and cameraman, specialised in Rope Access Tree Climbing. He plays an essential role in THE TREE WALKER practical part as well as the co-writing process.







ExplorAction (
Production Company Specialists in filming in rough terrain and Rope Access Tree Climbing


Twelve years of shooting and filming experience in challenging environments, from the depths of the ocean to the tops of the trees, from African savannahs to the Russian Taiga, allowed ExplorAction Productions to be flexible and to adapt with ease to different environmental conditions.

At water depth beyond 120 meters in search of the mythical coelacanth with Laurent Ballesta, on the shores of Lake Kuril following the bears in collaboration with Ushuaia Nature, at the top of the Alps awaiting the arrival of Jetman. Through these experiences ExplorAction Production have had the opportunity to get familiar with large number of cameras and control technology always in evolution (XDCAM HD, HDCAM, Red, Canon 5D Steadycam, Crane, Dolly).

ExplorAction Productions is used to travel, meet different cultures and animals, work in difficult conditions. As they are always looking for new opportunities, they found in THE TREE WALKER a possibility to be part of a challenging experience and meaningful project. ExplorAction Productions, specialized in filming in rough terrain and in rope access tree climbing, will support THE TREE WALKER during the shooting.

Berlin Team


Nicole F. Loeser at Whiteconcepts (
Project Manager                                                                                                                                                                 

Nicole Loeser is the Project Manager of THE TREE WALKER and an independent Art Manager based in Berlin with over ten years of experience in collaboration with corporations and institutions throughout Europe She curated more than 200 exhibitions. In 2009 she founded WHITECONCEPTS, a concept gallery in the heart of Berlin. In addition to the duties of a traditional gallery, she is interested in curatorial work methods, cultural and environmental commitment as well as the transfer of artistic ideas in different areas of society. Conceiving of exhibitions as opportunities for discourse, she often presents artwork in conjunction with workshops, discussions and publications as a means of fostering learning and bringing people together. Her work is grounded in her interests for artistic and scientific research, as well as exhibition theory and practice. As an art critic, Nicole Loeser additionally publishes writings for catalogues, journals and like publications.


Oliver Both-Asmus
Research, Fundraising and Management


Oliver Both-Asmus is a sociologist and a nature activist. His remit is the environmental influence on human awareness and therefore the resulting interactions and patterns of mind. What is the environment, how does it design itself and how is it noticed by single individuals? This is the question he tries to approach through art. Art creates environment and generates guidable patterns of perception giving us the possibility to sensitize. Why does one for example understand natural environment as something backwards and threatening which needs to be changed? This is the crucial point needed to gain awareness. Thus our task is to open new ways of understanding of the natural environment, humans have to learn again to understand nature as a part of themselves and not, as it is now, as something external. The entrance via art seems to be meaningful, because it opens human minds, destroys conservative patterns of thinking and creates links.



Felipe Amaya
Co-script writer, Director and Artist

Born in Colombia, Felipe Amaya is a Berlin based director and dramaturge. After directing and being involved in the Spanish and German film and theater industry, he starts focusing in dance and performance arts. Due to the current situation in his home country and the transformation of its landscape in the last decades, he is artistically involved in praising the existence of this threatened planet and its preservation. 

Felipe Amaya is currently supporting and guiding Christoph Both-Asmus with the script writing of THE TREE WALKER. Besides he works as a freelance writer, dramaturge and performer. 




Jason Oettlé (
Stunt Co-ordinator Specialist in ‘Wire Art’                                                                                                                    

Stunt Network is a full service action design company Based Berlin, Germany working local and internationally. They specialise in stunt performance, wire stunts and stunt coordination. STUNT NETWORK is dedicated to quality performance of stunts and action choreography. Not just as a trade , but crafted as a form of artistic expression.

Christoph Both-Asmus and Jason Oettlé, stunt-coordinator specialized in 'Wire Art', work together to realise the idea of THE TREE WALKER project: make Christoph Both-Asmus visually weightless with the help of thin ropes and harnesses.




Chika Takabayashi (
Costume Designer and Prop Maker                                                                                                                            







Johan Henning (
Previous Project Manager for crowd funding period

Berlin Team Assistants


Nina Paus-Weiler
Website and Social Media

Nina has studied and worked in social justice political organizing and digital strategy for the past 6 years. Born and raised in rural Western Massachusetts, USA, she has always felt a strong connection with nature and a passion for environmental conservation and sustainability. Nina believes in the ability art has to connect people and bring them together around a common cause, which is what originally inspired her to get involved with The TREE WALKER project. 

Nina is currently providing support for the website as well as social media and branding strategies.