Prof. Francis Hallé  

Francis Hallé world-renowned botanist and Professor Emeritus at the University of Montpellier (France) is a specialist in tropical rainforest and their canopies. As a co-founder of the famous Radeau des Cimes canopy raft and leader of its expeditions until 2001, he has dedicated his life to put science in service of biodiversity. Francis Hallé carried out eight missions to investigate the “undiscovered” life in the treetops. He is a pioneer in this field and could successfully research tropical plants using a blimp-borne inflatable raft that rests on the tops of the trees of the canopy.

Author of the popular book “Plaidoyer pour l’arbre” (Advocacy for the Tree), Francis Hallé joined director Luc Jaquet in 2013 to make a film “Il Etait une Forêt” (Once Upon a Forest), celebrating the ones that are left.

During his lifetime Francis Hallé has seen too many primary forests obliterated.

His great knowledge and life experience with biodiversity defined an important part of THE TREE WALKER’s project and meaning. Through his past projects and his present collaboration with THE TREE WALKER, Francis Hallé aims to renew the image of the forest and to raise awareness of its fragility and the importance of protecting the primary rainforest, lungs of the earth.


Dr. Niels Köster 

Scientific curator at the Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum, Berlin-Dahlem. 

Thanks to all the amazing people for making this project come to life.


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