"RIVERS AND TREES" solo exhibition at WHITECONCEPTS Gallery

During the month of June, Christoph Both-Asmus is exhibiting his most recent artwork "Tale of River" at his solo exhibition "RIVERS AND TREES" at Whiteconcepts by Nicole Loeser.

The artist and THE TREE WALKER Team, are also using the gallery as workspace to bring together different ideas. 

--- Donate your blood to art ---

This is what Christoph Both-Asmus has done for his installation "River of Blood". Both-Asmus' blood will be flowing over a landscape made of Japanese papier mache and soil, creating its own rivulets and tributaries and leaving an even darker and bloodier stain. After this, the blood-river landscape will be displayed as a finished piece of art work.

Date: 1st - 3rd of July 2015
Artist Talk between Christoph Both-Asmus and David Medalla (artist, founder and director of the London Biennale): 9th June 2015, 18h
Performance: 26th June 2015, 22h30 - 23h30
Opening hours: Mon - Fri, 11h - 17h and by appointment
Location: Augustrasse 35, 10119 Berlin