Exhibition and live performance at the Centre of Polish Sculpture

Christoph Both-Asmus will present the entire body of THE TREE WALKER as well as his new artwork  "A Moment in Time", specially made for the 100th anniversary of Józef Brandt's death at the Centre of Polish Sculpture.

The artist will exhibit "A Moment in Time" , new installation part of THE TREE WALKER project, as well as "The technical details and origin of THE TREE WALKER project" video. On the day of the opening, the artist will realize his first ever live performance, reaching the top of a tree in the Sculpture Park and releasing a firework at day.
Date: 20th of June – 25th of October 2015
Live Performance "A Moment in Time": 20th of June 2015, at 14h30 in front of the entrance to the palace Józef Brandt
Location: Orońsko, Poland
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