THE TREE WALKER at “THE FOREST” Exhibition Art and Other Sustainabilities

Last week Christoph Both-Asmus gave a very successful artist talk at "THE FOREST" exhibition.
Come and see THE TREE WALKER at the exhibition which is still running till the end of May.

Date: from 17th April - 29th May 2015
Location: Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin

Curated by Javier Pérez-Lanza

- "It's gone for wood" Performance, H.Hernández & R.Brodt: Fr. 15.05.13, 19:00
- "Palmoööl statt Wald" Lecture by Marcel Starfinger: Fr. 22.05.15, 19:00                                                                                    - Finissage: Fr 29.05.15, 19:00 

Further information: Group Global 3000 | Art and others Sustainabilities