ONE LIFE TO LIVE Live performance in Corinth, Greece

ONE LIFE TO LIVE is the title of a live performance by Christoph Both-Asmus executed in the Floisvos square of Corinth, Greece in the summer of 2015 during a one-month artist–in–residency program at Corinth Art Platform.

The artist sat on a bench in public, wearing a solid ice object over his head with fresh colorful blossoms frozen into the material. During the 180 minutes long performance the ice melted, water dripped and blossoms fell to the ground. Symbolically the ice represents the hardship of individual lives that are part of existence, while the flowers within the process of melting indicate a fascination for life, for human life, for how humanity lived throughout time and how this fascination makes life worth living. The flowers picked by the artist grow naturally in the city of Corinth and showed his connection to the ancient city and its people. His performance can again be viewed as a statement for a conscious living and the need of regenerating regarding nature. With the big ice sphere over his head he offered the audience an opportunity to take time and contemplate with him in the present. This is particularly important in a country like Greece, where crises are omnipresent and there is a great need to create visions for the future.

Christoph started his performance on a bench in the main city square. At the start of the performance, Christoph sat quietly by himself. However, the unusual object on his head quickly attracted attention and lots of people started to notice him and to come closer, gathering around and sitting next to him on the bench. ONE LIFE TO LIVE shows that communication is not only based on words, but self-experience in the inner as well as the outer realm is necessary to feel one’s identity. The artistic shape of the ice-head initiated amazement and a connection to his audience. When all the ice was melted and the artist was freed, he was happily surprised to see that he had attracted mostly young people. Afterwards Christoph talked about his projects and his visions that the planet needs to revive: “In nature everything takes its time and place (…) I believe that it would be also a wise guideline for a careful progress in modern societies. “