Lecture of THE TREE WALKER at Corinth Art Platform

During his Artist-in-Residency at Corinth Art Platform, Christoph Both-Asmus was presenting  a lecture about his long term project THE TREE WALKER.The central idea of THE TREE WALKER is to walk, almost weightlessly, on tree tops. This challenge; the search for a pristine looking forest, the technical issues to make this quest possible and financing it, kept Christoph Both-Asmus busy for over 6 years now.The artist will present videos and images, documentation of his journey that was both the high times of his life and artistic practise and a painful Odyssey.

THE TREE WALKER hopes to open an interesting discussion afterwards with his audience. Christoph is open to discuss practical aspects of organising a project and financing it as well.

Date: 20th of August 2015 
Lecture: at 21h 
Location: Sina St, Kórinthos 201 00, Greece