The Tree Walker - Balancing On The Edge Between Earth And Sky


The Tree Walker is an art project that is aiming to enhance the appreciation of the world. This new work by Christoph Both-Asmus' is in the preliminary stage of becoming a 16mm film. The work is going to be screened as an independent film, and as a looped projection within the context of a gallery installation. The audience will see a sea of leaves, the sky and in between Christoph Both-Asmus walking seemingly weightless over the highest and most fragile branches of the rainforest’s canopy layer.

Christoph Both-Asmus is unstoppable in realising the workings of his mind and with his drive he fulfills the viewer’s desire to experience the impossible
— Coco Schrijber, Oscar nominated Director
I congratulate Christoph Both-Asmus on his beautiful work ‘The Tree Walker’, a truly original work of art, a cut above most of the art works I saw displayed in galleries throughout the world!
— David Medalla, Documenta Artist

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